Walmartians – Tilt

Walmartians - Tilt

Special thanks to Ian for melodica on To Thee Oh Spacemen. Thanks also to Colin, Angela, Darin, Jeff, Nick, Rob C., Rob B., Leebert, Mandy, and my parents.

All songs performed and recorded by WALMARTIANS. All songs written by BDCummings. Cover image taken sometime in the 1950s near Abilene, Texas by Jerry Cummings.

Walmartians – 2016 / Twilight’s Last…

Walmartians 2016 / Twilight's Last

What a year it has been. Here’s to a better 2017. Cheers!

When I first heard it…

All the Umbrellas in London by The Magnetic Fields

I first heard this song in December 1995. I was lying on the bed in a boutique hotel in Boston’s North End. The window was cracked open to let in the winter breeze as the room was stifling hot.

There was a small radio on the nightstand that was by chance tuned to a college radio station.

This was, as it turned out a year or so later, on the last night of my first honeymoon.

I was hooked immediately by the flanged drum beat and rolling synths of the intro. Then came Stephin Merritt’s deep voice with the opening lines:

If I make it tonight it’ll be all right
It’ll make a good song or something
I’ve been trying to give myself reasons to live
And I really can’t think of one thing

For a little over three minutes I was in a state of melancholic bliss. I still feel that way when I listen to it today.

Election 2016

I was sitting in a ramen shop here in Japan at lunch today and chatting with an Englishman about the incoming US presidential election results and BREXIT. Both of us were despairing a bit about our fellow citizens and their choices.

Now that the election is over though I think there’s no time for despair and there’s no point in indulging in nonsense about leaving the country (though I admit to have thought about it in more than a little detail).

The results are disappointing for many reasons, but mostly because they reveal what I suspected for most of this year. There was a great mass of ugliness lurking beneath the surface of electorate. Now it is out in the open and it is time to work against it. That’s what I think we should focus on in the coming months and years.

Cheers and all the best to all of us as Americans.

Walmartians – Drift

Walmartians - Drift

The third full-length Walmartians collection for 2015 is Drift. 

All songs performed and recorded by Walmartians. All songs written by BDCummings. Cover image taken at Bar Harukiya in Fukuoka, Japan by BDCummings.

Thanks to Nick, Canadian Mandy, Darin, Steve and Jeff for continued support and encouragement. Also thanks to Colin for the title Hard Metal Strings.

Walmartians – Force EP

Walmartians - Force EP
Walmartians – Force EP

A new four-song EP for 2015 from Walmartians.

All songs performed and recorded by Walmartians. All songs written by BDCummings. Cover image by BDCummings taken in Fukuoka, Japan.

Thanks to Colin for the title on Orbit and Beyond.

Walmartians – Neverending Now


The second full-length Walmartians collection of 2015 is Neverending Now. It is sort of a song cycle about the creative development process and the challenges you run into along the way.

Performed and recorded by Walmartians at Down Brown Sound, Evanston, Illinois. All songs written by BDCummings. Cover image taken in Tokyo.


murray ep

Here written by Bruce Cummings. Shake It Off written by Taylor Swift, Max Martin and Shellback. Vicious written by Lou Reed.  Empire State music by Bruce Cummings and lyrics by Ian Cummings. Shimmer written by Martin Whitehead (originally performed by The Flatmates).

Cover image of Angela by BDC.

Walmartians – Here & There

Walmartians - Here & There

A new full-length Walmartians collection for 2015:

Performed and recorded by Walmartians. All songs written by BDCummings except A Hummingbird World written by BDCummings and IDCummings. Recorded and mixed in Chicago, New York, London, Beijing and Fukuoka.

There With You is for my family. Owl & Panda is for Grace, Ben and Warren. 9090909 is a bit of a reworking of 909, which originally appeared on the 909 2 1504 EP. The Age Of Smoke was inspired by and is dedicated to Beijing.

Cover image of Terminal 3 at the Beijing Capital International Airport.

Color Photo Work