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Now Is Never The Time (Demo)

Recorded this demo today. The lyrics came into my head as I was walking my son to school this morning.  The news from Las Vegas is horrifying, but let’s not pretend that it is in any way either shocking or unthinkable. It has happened before and it will happen again. If the massacre of 20 […]

A Slightly New Sound

Recently picked up a Korg MS-20. Fantastic little machine. Lots of fun to experiment with sounds and create patches. Here’s a two-parter of Mass V (a reference back to the Mass album from 2012) and Let Us Dance (an upbeat little number and homage of sorts to The Normal’s Warm Leatherette). Also, here’s some artwork I […]

What I’m listening to…

False Readings On – Eluvium Lots of artists make ambient music. Few do it well enough to stand out from the crowd. Matthew Cooper’s work as Eluvium is reminiscent in some moments of William Basinski, Gas, and even some bits of Burial’s Rival Dealer EP. However, it avoids being derivative and instead carves out its […]

What I’m listening to…

Thought I’d start keeping a list of what I listen to while working each day. Here’s a start: The Lost Tapes – Can Released in 2012 by Spoon Records, The Lost Tapes is a 3-CD set of studio outtakes and live records by Can. The included tracks date from 1968 through 1977. More information: Spoon Records Outside […]

When I first heard it…

Second in a continuing series. The Beach and Blue Monday by New Order New Order’s groundbreaking and influential Blue Monday was released in March 1983. The b-side is a mostly instrumental version of the song titled The Beach. Sometime in late 1983 or early 1984 my friend and I made our way to the long […]

Walmartians – Tilt

Special thanks to Ian for melodica on To Thee Oh Spacemen. Thanks also to Colin, Angela, Darin, Jeff, Nick, Rob C., Rob B., Leebert, Mandy, and my parents. All songs performed and recorded by WALMARTIANS. All songs written by BDCummings. Cover image taken sometime in the 1950s near Abilene, Texas by Jerry Cummings.

Walmartians – 2016 / Twilight’s Last…

What a year it has been. Here’s to a better 2017. Cheers!

When I first heard it…

All the Umbrellas in London by The Magnetic Fields I first heard this song in December 1995. I was lying on the bed in a boutique hotel in Boston’s North End. The window was cracked open to let in the winter breeze as the room was stifling hot. There was a small radio on the […]

Election 2016

I was sitting in a ramen shop here in Japan at lunch today and chatting with an Englishman about the incoming US presidential election results and BREXIT. Both of us were despairing a bit about our fellow citizens and their choices. Now that the election is over though I think there’s no time for despair […]

Walmartians – Drift

The third full-length Walmartians collection for 2015 is Drift.  All songs performed and recorded by Walmartians. All songs written by BDCummings. Cover image taken at Bar Harukiya in Fukuoka, Japan by BDCummings. Thanks to Nick, Canadian Mandy, Darin, Steve and Jeff for continued support and encouragement. Also thanks to Colin for the title Hard Metal Strings.