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Walmartians – Fractures

The new Walmartians collection is titled “Fractures.” Fracture I (1:56) Checagou (3:23) The Progression of Ice (3:29) This Thing I Read (3:01) Wooden Worm (3:04) Punching Stossel (2:09) Fracture II (2:03) Factory ’63 Dub featuring Caterpillar (3:55) Hounslow West (2:30) Fracture III (2:08) National Integration No. 10 (2:36) We Have A Place For You (3:15) Fracture IV (4:15) Grey […]

Sing Monkey Sing – 91-92

A collection of electronic and dance-oriented experiments recorded by Purple Fish side project Sing Monkey Sing from 1991 to 1992. Introducing the Band (1:48) Tinhead Parts I to III (9:14) The Clogger’s Dream (4:21) 2 B.C. The Power of Involvement (4:33) Blue Baby Mix 2 (4:36) Madagascar (3:23) Candlelight (4:08) D-Day at Pompano Beach (4:16) […]

Walmartians – Terminus

The new full-length collection of Walmartians material for 2014 is titled “Terminus.” The current track listing: Objekt 271 (5:04) All That You Love Will One Day Be Swept Away (4:18) The Drowning World Scorched By Fire (7:35) We Are All That Remain (3:39) Atomatica (3:27) A Moment Past The Calm (1:01) The Baigong Piper (4:01) Hatton […]

Rebuilding vortura.com

Recently while setting up a site for my son’s stories I managed to wipe out my vortura.com site. So I am in the process of redoing everything here. In the meantime please enjoy this picture of frozen Lake Michigan that I took a recently during the big freeze. This is at South Blvd. Beach in […]